Friday, July 27, 2012

The Garden At Krause Springs

Krause Springs is an AMAZING place to be.  If you live in or around the Austin area you have GOT to take the drive to visit.  The spring is cool and feels oh, so good when the weather is Texas hot. 

But the spring isn't even the coolest part of this place.  They have an enchanted garden that you can walk through and hang out in.  Great, monterous windchimes hang and sway to their own music above.

The garden is filled with places to sit and relax to soak up the beauty.

Every place they have put out to sit is comfortable and invites relaxation.

And snuggles :)

View from hammock.  I could live here.

This place just sighs "chillin'".

*I didn't get any pics of the actual spring so go here to see it in all it's glory.


  1. Did you know I've never made it over to Krause Springs? It looks wonderful and I hear people say so all the time! Now that school's back in, it would probably be a GREAT time to go!
    Thanks for sharing with the Summertime Unschooling Blog Carnival! :)