Monday, July 30, 2012

A Change Of Perspective

When I say things like what I'm about to say, I either get looked at like I'm crazy or full of shit.  I can assure you I am sane and honest when I say that I have come to a place where I can clean up a messy room and not be resentful.  It's true! All it took was some perspective.

We had a friend over this weekend and there was much play and creativity that happened.  All. Weekend. Long.  As Austin slept in this morning, no doubt recovering from what has got to be the 10 year old equivalent of a a hangover, I took the opportunity to set the house back in the order that I like to keep it.  As I walked around the house picking up I couldn't help but notice the substantial amount of plates in every room with pizza crusts and little bowls of ranch on them or the empty ones with just crumbs left over.  Soda cans, empty candy wrappers and lots and lots of glasses of water were everywhere.  Pillows in disarray and pallets on the floor that needed to be folded and put up.  Swim clothes and towels were hung from every available hook in the bathrooms.  Paper and cloth scraps left over from art projects and lots of Lego creations.  Hoops and swords were everywhere!!   Oh, my!   I can say with all honesty that the whole time I was cleaning up I was smiling and my heart was soaring with joy and here's why: The scene in my house on a Monday morning showed a full weekend filled with kids playing.  One that was too full of epic adventure to worry about housecleaning.  Because as soon as one thing ended another began and there really wasn't anytime for picking up.   And that is where the perspective went from resentment about a messy house to gratitude that I could provide the space for such adventure. *

As I picked up I was reminded of ...

this happening...

and this...

and Oh My God! the sheer awesomeness of this!!

The quiet, cozy times like this...

to the not so comfortable looking times like this.

And the opportunities for me to work my mad Monkey Platter skills like this, when game play is too enthralling to go downstairs for a meal.

When I look back and remember all of the wonderful things that happened this weekend I couldn't be happier to clean up what was left over.   

*There was no resentment to start off with today, but have in my life been resentful of a messy house that I didn't have help cleaning.  Change is good :)

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